Have the hair that you have always wanted.


Application per bond

£2.50 – £3

Approximately 100 bonds for a full head.



Hair extensions will provide you with the length, volume, colour and glamorous hair you thought was unachievable.

We use top quality 100% ethically sourced hair and due to design and application they are incredibly comfortable without damaging your natural hair.  We invite you to a complimentary initial consultation which will help you to decide if you wish to move forward to a thorough review and preparation for application.

Please ask our reception team to book you a complimentary consultation.

For a full head application you can expect to pay approximately £300 and an additional £375 for the cost of hair.  An exact price for application and purchase of hair will be given at your review. In addition, you will receive knowledge and advice on how to care for your new hair and make the most of the best you.

Due to the time commitment this booking requires a 50% deposit.

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